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Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy provides services to develop maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability throughout the lifespan. At our Department, we cater to the rehabilitative needs of our major specialities ranging from neurology, cardiology, orthopaedics, paediatrics & critical care; supported by major high-end equipment’s to create a customised exercise program for each patient. We help to overcome disabilities associated with osteoarthritis, cerebral palsy, joint pain, organ transplants, syndromes, physical & age-related deformities, occupational diseases, etc. In addition, we also cater to congenital physical deformities in children, prevention and early identification to stimulate growth and development.

This all may leads to movement impairment, muscle weakness, disturb gait uncontrol balance or coordination, enema, swelling, Pain and Stiffness etc.

This includes providing services in circumstances where movement and function are threatened by Ageing, Injury, Diseases, Disorders, Conditions or Environmental factors. The functional movement is central to what it means to be healthy. Physiotherapy is concerned with identifying and maximising the quality of life and movement potential within the spheres of promotion, prevention, treatment/ interventions, Habituation and Rehabilitation. This in composes physical, Psychological, Emotional, Social wellbeing. Physiotherapy involves the interaction between the Physiotherapist, patients / Clients/ other Health Professional, Families, Caregivers and Community in a process where movement potential is assessed and goal s are agreed upon, using knowledge and skills unique to Physiotherapist.

Physiotherapist can help patient in following process:

  • Undertake a comprehensive examination/ assessment of the patients/ clients or needs of client group.
  • Evaluate the finding from the examination/ assessment to make clinical judgement regarding patients/ clients.
  • Formulate a diagnosis, prognosis and plan.
  • Provide consultation with in their expertise and determine when patients/ clients needs to be refereed another Healthcare professional.
  • Implement a physiotherapist intervention / treatment programme.
  • Determine the outcomes of any intervention & Treatments.
  • Make Recommendation for self management and Home advice.


  • Hot and Cold Fermentation
  • Wax Bath
  • TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)
  • IFT (Interferential Therapy)
  • Ultrasound Therapy
  • CLASS IV LASER(Light Amplification By Stimulated Emission Of Radiation)
  • Muscle Stimulator- Faradic and Galvanic
  • Compression Therapy
  • Long Wave therapy
  • SWD(Short Wave Diathermy)
  • Cervical and Lumbar Traction
  • CPM (Continuous Passive Motion)
  • Kinesio Taping and Sports Taping
  • Matrix Therapy
  • Cupping Technique
  • MET(Muscle Energy Technique)
  • Mulligan Mobilization
  • Myofascial Release Technique
  • PNF(Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Fascilitation)
  • Dry Needling
  • Adjuster-to adjust Spine facet joints.
  • Osteopathy
  • Manual Muscle Stretching
  • Manual Muscle Strengthening
  • Massage Therapy
  • Gait Training
  • NDT
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Neuro Rehabilitation
  • Treadmill
  • Cycling


  • Spine rehab: Neck & back pain, cervical, giddiness, slip disc, sciatica, tingling sensation of hands & legs
  • Neuro physiotherapy: Stroke (paralysis), balance disorders, spinal cord injuries, old nerve injuries, parkinsonism, cerbral palsy, delayed milestone, fascial/ bells paly, gb syndrome, multiple sclerosis, mystesia gravies.
  • Ortho physiotherapy: Osteo arthrosis of knee / hip, backache, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid artheriteis, gout, poly arthralgia, fibromyalgia, ctev & pre & post-surgical rehabilitation.
  • Paediatric physiotherapy: Children with congenital disorders, devlopmental delayes, spastic & non spastic cerbral palsy, spina bifida, torticollis, club foot and other neurological and acquired diseases and crying babies
  • Sports physiotherapy: Muscle pain & strain, muscle tear, stiffness, ligament sprain & instability, inability to walk joint pain, post fracture management and in field or UT field sports various injuries
  • Swelleing & edema: Lymphedema, swollen joints,edema, lymphatic congestion, chronic jointor muscle inflammation

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Patients Speak
  • Been to Fortis Udaipur for the first time due to a health emergency. Being a new hospital, its always a hard step to trust. A new team, a new name in Udaipur. But my 72 years old mother has not stopped praising the quality of treatment at Fortis JK Hospital and the quality of services offered. Timely visit of doctors and encouraging treatment with attendants around patients.

    Vijay Singh, Businessman

  • My Son is 19 years old and he is a sportsman. Due to injury during his matches, we brought him to Fortis Healthcare for Ankel Surgery. We are very much satisfied with the treatment and systematic procedure that was carried out during the entire conduct of the treatment. I highly recommend Fortis JK Hospital for all kinds of medical care.

    Devesh Dudia, Businessman

  • I am Mahesh, 42 from Bhilwara. I had been diagnosed for Arthritis of joints in 2012. Since then, I had made numerous visits to hospitals across my city and state but never got such a satisfactory treatment that I got in Fortis JK Hospital. Excellent team and work ethics, not expensive as I had already spent more than this in other hospitals. I recommend Fortis JK Hospital and its team to all my friends.

    Mahesh Kaplani, Proprietor

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